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You can find me in the bathroom crying - Unstoppable Game Designer since 1995 ; creator of the card game , Bacon Project http://baconproject.strikingly.com


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Posted by Lunchkunn - 3 days ago

Hello and welcome to my profile page! My name is Lunchkunn, but please, call me Lunch. I'm a 24 year old Game Designer, born in USA ( Princeton, New Jersey ), and raised in England. At the age of 14, I moved to Geneva, which is where I then graduated from high school. After that I moved to Lyon, which is where I am now! I speak 3 languages fluently, them being : English, French and Dutch. Additionally, I can understand German moderately well!

I have an account here on NEWGROUNDS because I have a passion for creating games. Specifically card games! So I figured that if making games is what I love, then socializing with artists is what I must do.

Over the course of 3 years and 4 months, I attended two art schools; located in Lyon ( France ) where I acquired skills in : 3D Modeling ( using 3D Studio Max ), 3D Animation ( also on 3D Studio Max ), 2D Animation ( using Flash ), Game Design, Level Design, Computer Programming ( using Unreal Engine 4 ) and drawing ( traditionally, and digitally using Photoshop ).

During my spare time, I learned how to write scripts, stories and of course, create non-video based games effectively. My current passion for creating card games started growing after only my first year of living in Lyon, and continued to grow the following years.

Presently, I am ex-art school student ( after 3 years and 4 months ) having made a decision back in december 2017. I chose to follow my dream of becoming a Game Designer working ONLY on creating card games. And that is what I have been doing to this day!

Bacon Project is a card game of my invention. One that I started making back in August 2014. Destined for devoted fans of ‘Player Versus Player’ type games ( PvP ), the game pits two criminals renowned for their destructive capabilities in an underground arena.

With access to a variety of skills and abilities provided by a selected character, each of the players are charged with accomplishing one objective: To slay their opponent’s character in order to achieve victory.